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Ektron Paths

For future reference, here is how you have to construct paths for finding Ektron content items, folders and taxonomy items.

FolderManager and ContentManager

Use forward slashes (/) Do NOT include an initial slash DO include a trailing slash Example: “folder1/folder2/otherfolder/” Given this code:

FolderManager fm = new FolderManager();
FolderCriteria folderCrit = new FolderCriteria();

FolderData folder = fm.GetList(folderCrit).FirstOrDefault();

Then the “folderPath” variable needs to be in this format: “folderName1/folderName2/”. The same would apply for finding all the content in a folder via the contents’ path.


Use backslashes () DO use an initial slash Do NOT use a trailing slash Example: “\taxonomy1\taxonomy2\othertaxonomy” So, given this code:

ITaxonomyManager _taxManager = ObjectFactory.GetTaxonomyManager();
TaxonomyData tax = _taxManager.GetItem(taxPath);

The “taxPath” variable needs to be in this format: “\rootTaxonomyName\subTaxonomyName1\subTaxonomyName2″.