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Ektron License Key Update


We use a temporary license key with our Ektron development website here at work. Because it’s temporary, we have to update it every-so-often. That happened today.

I got the new key and copy-pasted it into the right License Key field under Configuration / Settings. I clicked on “Save” and thought I was done. When I tried to log back in with my regular account (the way you are notified of the license expiration is a license violation error when you try log in) and it still gave me the license violation error. So, I logged back in with the built-in account (which lets you log in with limited features so that you can update the license key) and found out that I had copy-pasted the license key wrong. It was missing part of the domain name.

Naturally, I tried simply updating the license key domain name, but Ektron threw a Javascript error which prevented me from saving the page saying that I had updated the license key in a way that would make it invalid. What?! I tried re-pasting the key in, thinking I had it wrong still. I didn’t work.


Turns out this has to be an Ektron bug. I ended up trying something random: I changed the last number of the license key to something arbitrary (along with making my domain name change) and it updated fine. Strange, I know…but this IS Ektron.

Of course, that is an invalid key, so once the page saved, I changed that last digit back to the original digit from the valid license key and it let me save it and I could log in again.